The Memory-Camera Project Trilogy


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Description – Thirty Four Minutes Dead

The Memory-Camera Project – a new, terrifying dawn for mankind…

What if you could read the minds of political leaders during Peace Summits? What if you could see and hear what the murder victim saw? What if you could judge evil acts without the need for DNA or any other detective work?

Gregory Vain, a pioneering neurosurgeon attempts revolutionary explorations on the human brain of the recently deceased. The genius of Vain is recognised by powerful security organisations in Britain and the United States, funded by secret organisations they initiate…

The Memory-Camera Project’.

The scientific ability to unlock the frozen images within the minds of the dead and to read the living, thinking brain has far reaching consequences. Access to these image-vaults are stored and replayed. The murder victims’ slayer can then be identified in the last moments stationed within the cortex, this can frame the guilt and evil of the killer and bring them to swift justice – in an ideal world. The MC-Project, invisible to the wider world until global revelations takes the human race onto a macabre new journey…

Description – The Scream of Feyer

Twelve years have passed since the neurological atrocities were carried out by the Memory-Camera Project in 1998. The global population are now known simply as the wasted because they have had their brains altered in the womb or as an adult as part of Prerogative Three conditioning.

They now roam the cess-pool that once was modern society as mere living zombies. They are simply existing in a hell-on-earth world run by their decadent elite masters crazed and addicted on designer drugs, violence and sex.

The leader of the Memory Camera Project, Jess Wheeler wants to extend their research into other dimensions such as the occult. Can the human mind store visual information surrounding man’s eternal questions? His private research throws up a true apocalyptic thunderstorm with the emergence of a devil from the dawn of time.

The Avoiders as they are known to the malevolent Memory-Camera Project members are mankind’s only real hope. They have managed to retain morality amidst the vile forces that oppress them and Feyer is one of their ranks. The dark-haired heroine may have deceptive elfin beauty in her lithe frame, but she ultimately lets the Uzi do the talking to her pursuers, who must accept their last memory of themselves being sliced in half!

Description – Coils Of The Overkill

Her heart fluttered like the last caged dove…

…COILS OF THE OVERKILL is the final book in the Memory-Camera Project trilogy by Steve Hammond Kaye. It is set solely in America, as Europe was destroyed in book two – The Scream of Feyer.
Neurological explorations are underplayed when compared to the first book – Thirty Four Minutes Dead and Satanic elements have a more dominant role in the narrative, on this occasion. A couple of female characters from the other two novels appear in this book, but new characters are deliberately created as vacuous elements in the dystopian world they exist in. This novel is enshrouded with a bleak fatalism and with this context in mind, humour and optimism are rare inclusions.
The violence in this novel is quite sustained on occasions and sexual inclusions have a surreal edge to them, when they occur. This is a hard-hitting novel and it is not recommended for people of a prudish sensibility or frail mentality.

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE! Buy Thirty Four Minutes Dead, The Scream of Feyer and Coils Of The Overkill in one handy package for your eReader and save money! Price: £14.97 £12.99

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