Thirty Four Minutes Dead Q&A

Why did you pick Epping in Essex, UK for Gregory Vain’s London Base?

There were good personal memories for me there circa October 1980 – Tonia Cann would know why!

Did you do doorwork in St John’s Wood in London?

No. The only London security work i’ve done was in South London, guarding Lamborghinis and other high-performance sports cars. I don’t drive myself but my wife has a A3 poster of Jenson Button in our Conservatory, which also doubles up as a Taxidermy room.

So you’re an author and bouncer (door supervisor for the health and safety guys reading this) that’s an interesting combination of profession – do you have any tales to tell from your door work?

I do, but it would require a pay-wall and would only be suitable for adults. I do plan to write a book on my experiences doing door work, so watch this space!

Is Designation B a real place?

Yes it is. In reality it’s a white neo-gothic building in Twickenham called Strawberry Hill House Horace Walpole designed it and I absolutely adore the place and have visited several times over the years.

What inspired you with regard to the terraced garden where Gregory Vain and Marcia Levene first met?

A beautiful piece of architecture in Banbury called Upton House. Essentially I wanted to transport the visual qualities of the said location to the book. A location I ‘borrowed’ in author speak to my book – check out the website to see just how amazing it really is.

Does your wife look like the vampirical Marcia Levene?

No, my wife looks similar to Tanya Vain actually.

Could you divulge what you mean by ‘Vampirical’ when describing Marcia Levene?

Vampirical, in essence is a svelte, strong-headed woman who has dark features and is a power/sexual being. Marcia indulges in some sordid acts that really would put any prude off their muesli and in essence, it’s an animalistic approach to life that leads no man, beast or power-trip unturned.

TFMD Taste Me Greg - Vampirical Levene licking and sucking some black cherries

What is your favourite example of your esoteric stylised language in TFMD?

I am very proud of Sinquiry and Comm-Lynx.

Does The Burleigh really exist?

No, only in my mind.

Have you seen many Marcia Levene Lookalikes?

Only two so far. Levene is a real head-turner and her physical beauty is thus very rarified.

Have you seen many Gregory Vain lookalikes?

My potential son-in-law has a resemblance to Greg.

What prompted you to select The Jubilee Line as the pursuit off poor old Brynley Stowles?

Good personal memories in the nineties.

What is your favourite part of Chapter 6?

Snow, blood, and blue vehicle lights.

What are your favourite lines from TFMD?

“Bloodied knuckles and broken chains became hallmarks of the occasion as the conference degenerated into the universal language of violence.”
“She kissed him, her tongue lashing around his mouth like a serpent rearing in the wind.”

Do you think that TFMD is best suited to TV or Film?

A 13 week British TV season would be ideal, although an American sized-season might add a visual-gloss that would prove addictive, perhaps something along the lines of Dexter meets Breaking Bad. Possibilities are present in both TV and Film, my choice for film direction would be akin to Oliver Stone, Jacqueline Bigelow or Richard Stanley.

Are magenta skys double referenced for a reason or was it just luck?

Yes, the said type of sky initially ushers my readers into the book and then it releases them as denouement approaches.

Thirty Four Minutes Dead


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