Q&A with Steve

On your Author Bio on this website and on amazon.com, you have two black pumas listed? Is this true? What do they eat?

No that information needs updating as I now have three black pumas – Bunglesweede is the youngest at 4 months old. It is a nightmare trying to feed the blighters but I do manage – they tend to eat Morrison’s cat food or whatever is around on the Isle of Wight.

Should anyone avoid reading your books? 

Yes, minors and prudes. Not fit for prude-consumption is a possible warning that may wind its way on a revision of TFMD or The Scream of Feyer. 

Whats your unique selling point?

I am prepared to expand your mind and you will never forget reading my books – you will remember every minute. I think a book review from a blogger / author said that my books almost burn their avante garde visuals into your mind. 

Define your fans, what sets them apart from the rest? 

They detest mediocrity and thrive as a niche, always looking for a new angle, a new expansive layer to their intellectual mind-vault.  

Whats the weirdest piece of fan mail you’ve received? 

Well there has been a few and i’m now glad I bought a mail X-ray machine but it would have to be peacock feathers. 

Which authors inspire you? 

Susan Hill, Daphne du Maurier, Joan Lindsay, Rumer Godden and Greg Matrox. 

Which films influence your visual writing style? 

The Keep, Alien and Natural Born Killers. 

Do you correspond with any of your readers – how can they get in touch? 

I try to respond as much as possible through my facebook page and of course whilst doing door-work. I like to talk face to face and do often with local fans Tony, a door work buddy and Chrissie another buddy.

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