The Scream of Feyer – Q&A

In Tomb Raider, no one can hear your scream! Is Feyer inspired by the videogame heroine?

No – I created Feyer before Lara Croft existed.

What motivated your choice of the Lofoten Islands for a venue?

Isolation and the beauty of the scenery.

Why did you base part of the book in the Harz Mountains?

My favourite Painter Caspar David Friedrich found part of his inspiration there and I saw a great aesthetic potential in the said area as well.

Any problems with researching Plutonium?

No, my 3 pairs of eyes can still see clearly!

Does The Scream of Feyer reveal an interest in the fashion industry?

Yes to a level. I do like catwalks and that is a why my book finds space to add its own dark-twist  on the said activity.

So are you proud of your ‘revolving’ sexed-up catwalk scene in the book? You like catwalks, sushi and sex right?

Very good description and sushi is enjoyable after writing about a sexed up catwalk – I need the Kilojoules after experiencing it, in my head of course!

Is it true you formed a love cult in the 1990s?

No – I just had some cool friends.

In your opinion, who is the most beautiful female in The Scream of Feyer, because there’s a few isn’t there?

There are a few yes and I do enjoy using the unofficial strapline of ‘Armageddon Porn’ but in terms of shear beauty and sex appeal, I would have to say Marcia Levenes’ fuckbuddy Saskia Rivette wins it for me.

Where did your idea for ‘septic snow’ come from?

From a gothic song I wrote in 1986 called ‘The Snow’.

Do you think that TSOF could be turned into a film or TV series?

No – Too many of the scenes would be censored or removed. The only possible way to get Feyer out on film may involve adult animation or indeed using a R18 classification. Even then, we would be at logger heads with respective censors.

Do you like Germany as a tourist destination?

Yes I love the place. Fir Forests, Castles, and the home of Caspar David Friedrich. It was an easy choice to set part of my sequel in this country.

Name one of your hideaways.

Orchard Bay, Near Ventnor, UK.

Can you think of any films or books as ‘bleak’ as TSOF?

Threads, Schindler’s List and King of The Castle by Susan Hill.

Was Ghetto 7 inspired by a real structure?

It was a mixture of factors. My own dystopian vision, the Pruitt Igoe housing complex in St Louis (pre-demolition) and some of the shabbier parts of high-rise flats in 1980s Coventry, UK.

Does chapter 6 of TSOF echo the writing you did for ‘top shelf’ magazines?

No, vice versa actually. I finished TSOF before I wrote any erotica.

Were you surprised amazon let TSOF pass uncut into their library?

No I wasn’t as Amazon are a professional global organisation. Although, TSOF is one of the most violent books ever written.

Will the third book, Coils of The Overkill be as violent as TSOF?

No – Coils will have a violence level turned down to similar levels to the first book, TFMD.

Is Feyer beautiful in your eyes?

No, she is good-looking but not beautiful. Marcia Levene is beautiful and even more so with her fuckbuddy vixen Saskia – hanging out the back of her of course!

Will TSOF ever appear as ‘viral-primetime’?

I certainly hope not.

Is this as good as it gets, is this your masterpiece, your defining book?

No Coils will be.

The Scream of Feyer: hitching a ride with a suicide bomber

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