Coils of The Overkill – Q&A

This article was written in 2014 before Coils Of The Overkill was released.

When is Coils released? 

April 2015.

Will ‘Coils’ have a firm resolution?

Yes definitely – no sitting on the fence or dragging the Memory-Camera Project further, this is it, everything will become crystal.

In your other books you almost travel the world in terms of locations used – in Coils, will you also feature a range of locations?

No, several countries are mentioned, but the Memory-Camera Project battleground stays in America for my denouement.

How do you kill 3 devils?

You are assuming the devils die?

Does Klue make a return?

In a way…

Is this book bloody?

Yes – very!

Does the infamous Memory-Vault explorations return in Coils?


If you were gunned down, would your ending die with you?

No – I have it vaulted in the minds of others – they know.

Do you still believe ‘Deadheads’ can tell a visual story?

Yes, if the corpse is fresh enough.

Is your work ‘Fiction’?

I believe so, but maybe that neurological jump has yet to be fully realised.

After your trilogy is finished, what’s next?

I’m not too sure, but i am not really a pipe and slippers kind of guy.

Any juicy gossip you can spill the beans about on book 3?

Read and you will have your answer. You might have to check out my songs for that info. Did I mentioned I was in a band?

Coils of The Overkill (in production)

Coils of The Overkill (in production)

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