Sultry Renditions


50 short erotic tales. 

Sex on the ‘Top-Shelf’ is honest and yet rather stereotypical. In my collection of fifty SULTRY RENDITIONS, I have aimed to intersperse sex with physical gratification, humour and surreal qualities – that aim to transport this subject genre to a wider platform of appreciation. I hope that rather than “throw – away” the collection. It becomes a “must keep.” I hope that my words inspire an engagement with sex and a prudish offhandedness that denies the veritable joys of sex can be seen as oppositional to my position. Although the age of consent currently stands at 16 in the UK I feel that this collection of stories does engage with a reader of more senior years in most instances and I would therefore advise any reader to bear that in mind before reading let alone buying this book. SULTRY RENDITIONS aims to celebrate sex and not relegate it.


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