A Initial Communique from The Form known only as KLUE

A Initial Communique from The Form known only as KLUE

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The form writhed in the icy depths and darkness enveloped its frame. Splinters of blue ice tore into Klue’s lungs, but as the surface drew nearer the creature’s savage rejuvenation began. The eyes bore through the blackness as the strength of the predator grew. Moonlight started to penetrate down through the Lofoten waters and this furthered the dark inspiration that pushed the creature upwards. Klue sensed the imminence of the second arrival and fetid excretions were expelled from the form as the moment approached.

       With only seconds left. The propulsion turned the creature momentarily on its side, but a vertical entry position was regained by wild thrashing strokes from the hind – quarters. The beast tore into the world for a second time, amidst a cloak of Phosphorescence and Klue was catapulted a few metres above the surface – due to the cumulative pressure behind the upward journey.

       As it trod water, saliva was brushed from the mouth: like a man in motion but essentially a creature through the frame. It sensed land and moved towards the indistinct mass close by. It sensed prey but wanted to tame the misery of hunger – lock it in place with cruel desires that allowed play before the kill. Klue trembled as a hunter’s anticipation coursed through cold veins. It had been too long, so he was going to savour the first slaying – starve himself just that bit longer until they arrived on the scene. He expected them, the unwitting servants of his black desires – the sacrifice to usher in his rebirth.

       As his form contacted land, he drew himself up to his full height. Klue was a man when he needed that shape, but a beast when he revealed his true nature.

       Both forms entwined as he surveyed the Maelstrom. He waited for them, his glinting eyes forcing a cold marriage with the dark waters. They would come.

This has been a excerpt from Chapter Four of The Scream of Feyer: hitching a ride with a suicide bomber.

Steve Hammond Kaye - Mar 6, 2014 | Book Excerpt
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